Wycombe MAG's bike show 1998

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Wycombe always have a good bike show every year. This year it was in the same place as last - somewhere in the middle of no-where. Can't remember where now - not too far from Wycombe though. It's held in a small village on the grounds of a pub. During the day it is free but if you want to camp overnight and see the bands in the hall next door then you have to pay.

It was a nice sunny day, there's a beer garden where the following picture was taken during some of the silly games -

sumo.jpg - 16 Kb

This is Tony and Tanith engaging in one of their occasional challenges.

grasscutter.jpg - 29 Kb Grasscutter has a go too.

A bit of bike swapping happened -
harley tony.jpg - 33 Kb yamaha cutter.jpg - 32 Kb

This years auction featured an original Ogri picture donated by the artist himself. It went for some huge amount of money which Wycombe will probably claim was for charity or something.

The camping area is pretty small but it was big enough to get Windsor & District MAG in easily and some more. Wycombe MAG had to get up on the Sunday morning after partying all night to cook the breakfast - that's dedication for you!

Looking forward to next years event.

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