Chinnor Bike Day

28th - 29th June 2002
Wycombe MAG

I missed the Lion Rally this year which is normally a great place to see all the regular rally goers but most of them came to the Chinnor bike day so it was good to see everyone. (Except for "Take a Chance RC" who had gone elsewhere.)

This year they had "Funky moped Grass Track Drag Racing" which was rather odd. Interesting to see some of the machines that had been put together for the event. Bands all day, loads of stalls etc. Really good do and there's some nice pubs in the village too!

The main band in the evening was "Dirty Dogs" who I was forced to dance too but really enjoyed myself once I got into it. After that we knocked a football about where I kept "winning" (not giving the ball back really) and I was the only one to score a try. Kate woke Rich up (who was drifting off) by kicking the ball into his face and Margaret made a good attempt on my knackers but missed. They obviously wanted to make a good impression on their first rally with us! I suspect the others were jealous of my prowess on pitch as they took it out by kicking the ball against my tent when I went to bed. Repeatedly, in a witty manner. For some time.

Another great Chinnor bike day. I missed the organised run from Thame services (as usual) and no doubt I missed other things - there's a lot going on. Here's some photos -

stalls1.jpg - 61 Kb stalls2.jpg - 49 Kb bikes.jpg - 57 Kb shiney bike.jpg - 42 Kb x crowd.jpg - 40 Kb x mopeds1.jpg - 29 Kb x mopeds2.jpg - 41 Kb x mopeds3.jpg - 11 Kb

millie peed.jpg - 48 Kb millie peed2.jpg - 8 Kb
Millie Pee'd: Made from scratch - the back wheel is actually two wheels strapped together but with one big tyre. So maybe it's a trike? This one a prize of some sort - who knows what. Probably "Best Sports bike" knowing Wycombe MAG who have repeated their "Best Modern" choice of last year by awarding it to a 1970's bike and have now awarded "Best Jap" to a Chinese bike!

strimer bike.jpg - 39 Kb
The American Navy have a little to learn about mopeds! Radical design - shame it didn't work out - they had to push it up the track.

pits.jpg - 68 Kb
This is the exciting pit area of the "Funky Moped Grass Track Drag Racing" that was on this year. Couldn't see any brolly dollies.

mopeds.jpg - 59 Kb
Amazing entry to the moped racing by Insane MCC. You can just see the blue nitrus bottle if you look hard.

a car.jpg - 68 Kb
Hmmm - what's this doing here! Well it's really cool. Sorry. Those seats are made from wicker and it's a convertable Fiat 500.

ian asleep.jpg - 41 Kb
Look at that lovley tent!

best chop.jpg - 28 Kb best chop2.jpg - 41 Kb
Grasscutters chop won "Best Chop" (rather conventional category choice for Wycombe MAG!).

racing.jpg - 14 Kb
Something for the kids. There was a bouncy castle too.

kay on swing.jpg - 18 Kb outside pool.jpg - 52 Kb aunt sally1.jpg - 17 Kb aunt sally2.jpg - 56 Kb

aunt sally3.jpg - 17 Kb pool.jpg - 43 Kb
Went to The Red Lion for our evening meal - really nice food. Had a play in the garden too. Some of us had a go at "Aunt Sally" which is a game local to the Oxfordshire area, as I found out when I read this web site: It doesn't mention an extra rule on that site though. Seems that once you finally knock the target off it's post after everyone else did it some time ago, you must repeatedly say "loser" for several minutes. At least that's what the young lad who taught us the game did!

sunset.jpg - 13 Kb

margaret on bike.jpg - 28 Kb
Well madam, you had a CBT a few years ago? Haven't ridden since but you did your theory test the other day? Well a 1200cc motorcycle is the obvious next choice! Rather cunning of her to ask me for a go on my bike after I'd had several pints!

rich and kay on bike.jpg - 19 Kb
Rich giving Kay a ride. He's looking happy as, unknown to me, he was plotting to almost ride into me while I fiddled with the camera!

footie.jpg - 5 Kb
You can only just see Sion - he's a blur of action. Or it could be a cloud of gas coming from his behind. There was certainly a lot of that going on and at one point he was the cause for several people leaving the rugby club. I heard Abbey or someone she was with saying something about "Disgusting" after they fled the area.

Some pictures from Tony -
tony1.jpg - 55 Kb
Note the sequence where Sion manages to break one of those chairs somehow - good pictures!

tony2.jpg - 64 Kb

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