Old Wolf Bike Show 5

4th September 1999
Windsor & District MAG

Reviewed by : Nicola Wimbridge / Simon Bolton
Pictures : Peter Smithson / Damian Murray

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pub.jpg - 38 Kb bike park.jpg - 46 Kb

The 5th Old Wolf Bikeshow run by Windsor and District MAG (WADMAG) took place on the 4th of September at the Flags pub in Slough to raise money for NABD.  Several hundred people turned up to display their bikes, have a tattoo or have a drink and enjoy the bands.  Rough Justice did a blinding couple of sets in the afternoon and Larry Miller had everyone stomping all evening.

The standard of the bikes was really high this year, the majority of which could be features bikes  in any mag including a gorgeous restored HD 45 which won best classic, also a monster V8 trike which made a real impact. In the bike park opposite there was as always bikes which could have been in the show, including a GPZ lowrider come streetfighter with an nitrous kit, an immaculate 45 and a drop dead gorgeous RD 400.

WADMAG would like to thank, Insane MCC who helped out with the organisation, Sid Morams, Solo Motorcycles and PDQ Motorcycle Developments for their generous donations of raffle prizes as well as The Flags pub and Brian Carville, Tattooist for cash donations.

The prizes were;
Best of Show: Martin Archer (Harley Davidson)
Best Engineering: Schaefer(Suzuki GSX 1280R)
Best Rat: Neil
Best Chop: John(FJ1200)
Best Scooter: Bodge It (Bandit)
Best Trike: Brian Jackson (Suzuki)
Best Classic: Robin Elbro (Harley Davidson)
Mo won the prize for Best Cleavage, Norm for Best Lunchbox and Barry Henderson for looking most like a Power Ranger in his nice matching leathers.

  See you all next year!

damian.jpg - 50 Kb guy.jpg - 52 Kb Damian and Guy were the main organisers and put a lot of work into the show.

engineering.jpg - 41 Kb Guy made some excellent trophies. This is a close-up of the "Best Engineering" one.

nice bike.jpg - 55 Kb A late entry to the show - too late to win any prizes.

norm.jpg - 58 Kb Norm trying to figure out where to put the next bike in the show area. You can see Simon Bolton, the new Reading MAG rep, in the background also scratching his head - maybe they're trying to figure out what just rode in!

wadmag stall.jpg - 51 Kb Kevan ran the stall during the day.

paul.jpg - 54 Kb The landlord at the time - Paul.

mo.jpg - 53 Kb Mo winning best cleavage.

alan linda.jpg - 48 Kb Our treasurer Linda and her husband Alan.

Flyer for show

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