Old Wolf Bike Show 6

2nd September 2000
Windsor & District MAG

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The forecast for rain and the cloudy skies put a few people off but there were still plenty of people attending the Old Wolf Bike show this year. There was a lot going on this year, a bike tug of war for the kids, an auction, organised silly games and bouncy castle as well as the usual tatooist, raffle, tombola, bike show, live band, hot food and stalls. So there was a lot packed into the afternoon and all without an entry fee!

The threatened rain held off for most of the day except for a shower late in the afternoon when we were grateful for the large marquee. This was about the time that the bike show prizes were presented -

Best Classic : Malcolm Indian
Best Custom : Dave Hoskins
Best Engineering : Dave Hoskins
Best Paint : Steve Walters
Best Rat : Guy
Best Sports : Bodge-it
Best in Show : Dave Hoskins

As well as some money going to MAG, there were two charities that we raised money for this year. One was a local charity for an autistic boy and the other was our usual charity NABD.

Windsor and District MAG would like to thank the following people for their support -

The Yew Tree pub
Various shops on the Farnham road
Lyn Carville (Tatooist, Windsor)
PDQ (Motorcycle shop, Taplow)
Sid Morams (Motorcycle shop, Slough)
Solo (Motorcycle shop, Maidenhead)
Superbike (Motorcycle shop, Cippenham)
... loads more which I will put in here when I have the list.

A lot of old logs had to be cleared to prepare the Yew Tree's back garden for the show -
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You can see the winner of the "Best Rat" in this picture -
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Two competitors trying to run after doing the "dizzy sticks" game (thanks for the marquee Mark!) -
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Mike on the mike -
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Here's Carl getting beaten by Mathew -
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So Carl decides to pick on a girl instead having found young men a bit too tricky -
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There goes Vicky -
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Here's Ted doing his bit for the kids -
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These are some of the winners collecting their trophies -
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Allan, The Yew Tree landlord, after a hard days work -
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Here is the "James autism trust" (registered charity) being presented with a cheque for 300 pounds. Over 250 pounds of the cheque was raised from the bike show. The remaining from an event held at The Yew Tree.
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200 was donated to MAG.
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300 was donated to NABD.
From http://www.nabd.org.uk/regreports.html
The South Oxford MAG gig was my birthday as well as those of two friend's. My wife made a vodka trifle, and we got a trifle pissed. Came away with a sore head, and 80, plus a 300 donation from Windsor MAG.

Flyer for the show (by Sion) -
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