West London Harley Riders Show

4th August 2001
West London Harley Riders

I think this was the first West London Harley Riders show. Certainly the first one I'd been too. It was held in Southall on what must have been a rugby club as there was a bar and proper toilets. Unfortunately the tickets for the evening do sold out so not everyone who wanted to camp could do so but anyone could come during the day for a two pound donation to a worthy cause (The Headway Association). There was a bungie pull game, an auction, music by Womble and a raffle to keep us interested during the day and "The Glam Gits" at night. I left before the evening do (and the rain!) so can't comment on the rest of the day but I'll make sure I get a ticket next year. (If Adam can face the stress again!).

There were some really interesting bikes (and scooters) on display, as you'd expect at a Harley show.
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Great turn-out despite the threat of rain (which became a reality at around 5pm).
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The old bungie pull -
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A few pictures of what has to be the only TDM with nitrus.
tdm bug.jpg - 48 Kb tdm guy.jpg - 44 Kb nitro tdm.jpg - 51 Kb

Ian's tattoo.
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I think this is a suitable time to reveal that I have been wearing this belt for several years now. Secret Harley fan?
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