The Turkey Strikes Back

2nd October 1999
Wycombe & District MAG

This year's follow up to last years "Wild Turkey Bash" was even better attended than last year so getting there early (ish) for a seat was a good idea. The pub was crowded and there was even people outside the pub because it was so packed. Camping was available for a very reasonable 2 pounds which included a raffle ticket. The band finally turned up after giving Paul (the Wycombe MAG rep) lots of stress and put on a good show.

We all got very drunk and had a brilliant time.

Richard got so drunk that he could not remember the directions I gave him to find my tent - he couldn't be bothered to set his up in the rain. He was seen trying to sleep in a wheelie bin or under his bike. He eventually found my tent and kindly kept me up all night with his snoring!

cooking.jpg - 39 Kb Pete and Jason did the cooking.

paul.jpg - 20 Kb Paul had a dance once the raffle had been drawn.

trike.jpg - 25 Kb I had to take a picture of Neils trike as we're always seeing it and it's a pretty impressive beast.

bethan.jpg - 23 Kb I think Bethan was about to tell me off for taking too many pictures.

blah.jpg - 38 Kb I'm sure Keith was relieved that Sarah had stopped kissing everyone she spoke to!

dave.jpg - 27 Kb Trike Dave having a rest.

rich tat.jpg - 29 Kb About time I had a picture of Richards tattoo.

sex god.jpg - 34 Kb Don't think much of the new one though!

Some more pictures from Sarah's camera -

drunk dave.jpg - 10 Kb Dave attempts to operate his blink reflex but one eye doesn't want to join in.

group.jpg - 26 Kb

rich dancing.jpg - 12 Kb

sarah simon.jpg - 15 Kb Brotherly love.

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