Spain holiday 1997

A few people from Windsor & District MAG took the ferry to Spain. The ferry journey was good fun but a little expensive. Met up with Danny and Dee at a campsite, they had gone through France.

spain97e.jpg - 20 Kb

My bike was heavily loaded as I had my and Jo's stuff to carry. Guess who had a flattened off tyre when they got back?

Two of us had been to Germany the year before and fancied some nice hot weather but the chap in charge decided to take us into the mountains where it rained a bit - spain97d.jpg - 19 Kb

The rain pours through the wheel as we un-pack our bikes at a B&B. Two of us decide to camp instead!

Perhaps the huge hail stones encouraged us to get out of the mountains and head for the good weather. B&B again rather than camping as we were only stopping for one night.

spain97c.jpg - 19 Kb

This is more like it.

We headed off for the south coast and found a camp site for a few days. Went out on a few rides including a dried up river bed and a little ferry crossing (I resisted putting up more pictures of my bike here!). Later on we headed back towards the hills where we saw some excellent scenery and found another B&B for a few nights.

spain97b.jpg - 20 Kb

Ray showing us how to relax.

At one point we went up to the French border, tried to turn round and head back but the officials kept us there for half an hour while they checked our bikes were not stolen.

spain97a.jpg - 5 Kb

The only picture I have of all of us. We're waiting at the French border while they check our details. Steve, Ray, Adam, Dee, Jo, Peter, Carl and Danny.

This has to be the best holiday I've been on due to the good company, the excellent scenery and the good weather (once out of the hills!). Much more happened than I've covered in this little write up but you get the idea.

Some more pictures I scanned in later -

adam.jpg - 65 Kb adam jo.jpg - 78 Kb bandit.jpg - 40 Kb lake.jpg - 69 Kb rain.jpg - 19 Kb sea.jpg - 54 Kb view.jpg - 21 Kb