La Licorne

3rd - 5th May 2002
(la Licorne à Saint-Lô)

Words : Peter
Pictures: Peter & Sarah & Siôn & Tony

Not so many of us from WADMAG this year but we met up with some friends, notably people from Take a Chance RC and The Monster Owners club.

None of us knew where the campsite was this year but luckily someone who knew us from last year came along side us in the town and lead us to the new campsite. It was well signposted if you consider "no entry" signs well sign posted! We had to go through some roads that were being worked on for some sort of bypass and found the campsite not too far from the old site.

Here's a few pictures of the bikes for once -

jos bike.jpg - 26 Kb teds bike.jpg - 31 Kb jos bike and ted.jpg - 73 Kb richards bike.jpg - 30 Kb bikes.jpg - 28 Kb

Siôn doing a bit of sunbathing -

sion tshirt.jpg - 24 Kb

Jo figuring out how to close a tub of cheese (not as easy as you might think!) -

puzzled.jpg - 38 Kb

Some chap we met in the bar -

dog in a bag1.jpg - 23 Kb dog in a bag2.jpg - 49 Kb

This was the only solution to Jo's stress about cars getting too near to her bike -

protected bike.jpg - 35 Kb

Rich got very very very very drunk and was found in a ditch some time later that night -

rich with ham.jpg - 43 Kb

Had a wander around the castle wall of Saint Lo.

church.jpg - 56 Kb normandy bar.jpg - 25 Kb square hedges.jpg - 21 Kb

Siôn was very proud of being "number 1" -

tickets.jpg - 66 Kb

Siôn responding to the "I bet you won't go up that hill!" challenge.

sion.jpg - 48 Kb
fire.jpg - 20 Kb rich.jpg - 47 Kb

On Saturday some of us went to Bayeux Tapestry and had a look around Bayeux. Couldn't take any pictures of the tapestry itself.

king.jpg - 39 Kb water wheel.jpg - 46 Kb jo sarah.jpg - 41 Kb

Rode along the coast road to The Grand Bunker.

big gun.jpg - 38 Kb tank.jpg - 31 Kb bunker.jpg - 42 Kb gun stores.jpg - 42 Kb hospital.jpg - 36 Kb sr shot.jpg - 46 Kb

We missed the stunt show as we only found out it was at the main site after we'd done the 45 minuite walk into town! The organised ride was canceled because some nutter was riding around without a helmet at stupid speeds, hit a car and killed himself and the pillion.

sion eating.jpg - 13 Kb at night.jpg - 56 Kb jo on bike.jpg - 40 Kb sr burn out.jpg - 41 Kb sr fran.jpg - 34 Kb sr freezing.jpg - 48 Kb sr in town.jpg - 26 Kb sr kid on bike.jpg - 28 Kb sr odd.jpg - 67 Kb sr peter fran.jpg - 11 Kb

All the pictures prefixed with "sr" (when you hover with the mouse over them) are from Siôn's camera although Sarah took most of them as Siôn didn't seem interested in using it. Until all of a sudden, he took an interest in photography! Here is a very small selection of his new found interest -

sr stripper1.jpg - 9 Kb sr stripper2.jpg - 10 Kb sr band.jpg - 31 Kb


sr sion.jpg - 50 Kb bikes on ferry.jpg - 29 Kb

Some pictures from Tony -

ek 10 12.jpg - 27 Kb ek 11 12.jpg - 36 Kb ek 12 13.jpg - 26 Kb ek 1 3.jpg - 25 Kb ek 3 5.jpg - 40 Kb ek 4 6.jpg - 40 Kb ek 9 11.jpg - 24 Kb

Nice picture from Neil below. Any guesses as to what he's eating here? We think it's something he found in the ditch.

rich in the morning.jpg - 30 Kb

Some pictures I just had developed (28/June/2002) -
robin sleeping.jpg - 21 Kb bunker2.jpg - 28 Kb crowd pic.jpg - 25 Kb police leading.jpg - 18 Kb leaving port.jpg - 49 Kb jo leaving.jpg - 36 Kb
1st pic: That's Robin sleeping on the way there. 2nd pic: you've seen this before but see how better it looks on real film on a camera costing half the price of the digital - sorry - getting very geeky here. 3rd &4th pic: Saturday night. 5th & 6th pic: People leaving on the port on Sunday.

Some local press.

presspic2.jpg - 80 Kb presspic1.jpg - 68 Kb

24e rassemblement international de la Licorne: 6000 motards en bivouac.

iis partirent 500, et par un prompt renfort, ils se virent 6 OOOenarrivanta... Baudre. Venus de France et de Navarre, les motards aiment a se retrouver entre potes, dans , cette ambiance chaleureuse su developper, au fil des ans, ie Moto club saint-lois et tous les benevoles, pour ie tradi- tionnel rassemblement inter- national. Des centaines de becanes, plus belles les unes que les autres, du chrome, de pleins de nourriture, la formi- dable concentration de Saint- Lo tire sarichesseet son identite de cette grande echarpe coloree ou tous les genres, nes de tous les horizons, se melent et s'entremelent le temps d'un week-end. Des hommes, des femmes, qui forment une famille autour du feu, prfes du bivouac. Des plaisanteries, des rires et des odeurs de grillades qui s'apparentent a ces moments forts et vrais de la vie qu'on aime et qui se chante. Hier, apres le grondement du ton- nerre, et sous ie soleil normand legendaire, les amou- reux de la moto ont retrouv6 cet environnement-ls. Jean Joubain et Gildas Plot n'ont de cesse de parfaire l'encadrement qui focalise sur la securrte. Et les acrobaties avec Christophe Leopold, le spectacle prevu avec la Garde republicaine et le merveilleux defile dans les rues de la ville, a partir de 22 h 15, devaient aller dans ce sens-la. Mais on ne saurait iamais remplacer, sur lamoto qui roule, la responsabilite du conducteur et sa conscience aux dangers du trafic et de la vitesse. Vers 15 heures hier apres-midi, sur la rocade, deux motards, qui sont aussi deux amis, deux parents, sont morts dans un accident. La soiree s'est trouvee chamboulee, on ie comprend bien, mais la fete, ecourt6e, a perdure tout de meme sur ie campus jusque tard dans la nuit. Aujourd'hui encore, derniers vrombissements ...

Here's an translation from You'll have to be on acid to understand it though -

24th international gathering of the Unicorn: 6000 motorcyclists in bivouac.
iis left 500, and by a prompt reinforcement, they transfer 6 OOOenarrivanta... Baudre. From France and from Navarre, the motorcyclists like has to find themselves between pals, in, this cordial environment known to develop, with the passing of years, IE Motor bike club saint-laws and all the benevoles, for IE tradi- tionnel gathering inter national. Hundreds of becanes, more beautiful the ones than the others, chromium, the full ones with food, the formi- dable concentration of Lo Saint draws sarichesseet his identite from this large scarf coloree or all the kinds, nes of all the horizons, melent and entremelent the one weekend time. Men, women, who train a family around fire, prfes bivouac. Jokes, laughter and odors of grills which are connected has these strong and true moments of the life which one likes and who sings oneself. Yesterday, after grondement of the tone nerre, and under IE Norman sun legendaire, the reux amou- of the motor bike have retrouv6 this environment-ls. Jean Joubain and Gildas Plot do not have of cease to perfect the framing which focuses on the securrte. And acrobatics with Christophe Leopold, IE spectacle prevu with the Guard republicaine and IE marvellous defile in the streets of the city, from 22. 15, were to go in this feel it. But one would not know iamais to replace, on lamoto which rolls, the responsibility for the driver and his conscience with the dangers of the traffic and speed. Around 15 hours yesterday apr8s-midday, on the by-pass, two motorcyclists, who are also two friends, two parents, died in an accident. The evening is trouvee chamboulee, one IE includes/understands well, but the fete, ecourt6e, have perdure very of same on IE campus until late in the night. Today still, last hummings...

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