La Licorne

4th - 6th May 2001
Saint Lois
(la Licorne à Saint-Lô)

Words : Peter
Pictures: Peter & Siôn

A group of around 28 of us went to this excellent rally in France again this year. Click here for last year's pictures and a few more words.

Sarah's fancy new bike on the way there -
sarah firestorm.jpg - 62 Kb

We arrived early on Friday morning. Most people hadn't turned up at this point so we had the place to ourselves.
pana.jpg - 104 Kb

Ian has an odd taste in hats and tents. This photo doesn't really show the true beauty of that leopard skin effect!
HQ0.jpg - 50 Kb

Richard's getting all flash these days with his own chair -
Image1.jpg - 35 Kb

What's up Neil? - not enough people admiring your trike yet!
Image2.jpg - 57 Kb

Ted's done a bit of work on his exhausts since last year.
teds rat.jpg - 80 Kb

Frankie - stop pretending he's not with us!
HQ6.jpg - 23 Kb

Some nutter running around with a flare. We were waiting for the helicopter to land.
HQ10.jpg - 22 Kb

A day trip to Le Mont Saint Michel -
Image5.jpg - 56 Kb Image7.jpg - 63 Kb street.jpg - 41 Kb group.jpg - 75 Kb

On the way back -
bikes2.jpg - 67 Kb bikes3.jpg - 36 Kb

This year we had a stunt show in the town instead of a procession. There had been a show on-site but we missed it for our day trip. The scooters started it all off -
Image13.jpg - 9 Kb Image14.jpg - 8 Kb scooter burn out2.jpg - 36 Kb

Then some chap on a motorbike did loads of stunts. We thought we had a bad location until he dicided to do his big burn out at the end right in front of us.
HQ14.jpg - 16 Kb Image17.jpg - 7 Kb stoppie.jpg - 23 Kb Image18.jpg - 27 Kb Image20.jpg - 16 Kb HQ19.jpg - 27 Kb burnt out.jpg - 29 Kb HQ23.jpg - 22 Kb

They set the ramp up just to the right of us so the bikes were jumping over that and appearing just in front of us!
Image25.jpg - 30 Kb Image26.jpg - 36 Kb Image27.jpg - 23 Kb

You could really feel the heat from the fire they lit at the end of the ramp before some chap jumped through it shortly afterwards.
HQ30.jpg - 17 Kb Image28.jpg - 25 Kb HQ31.jpg - 22 Kb HQ32.jpg - 24 Kb

Ian found someone to swap hats with -
hats.jpg - 57 Kb

I'm not saying anything -
sarah hat.jpg - 39 Kb

Some bugger put something in Neil and Kens bikes to make the clutch fail so we spent the rest of the night pushing them up the huge hill back to the rally.
HQ34.jpg - 14 Kb

The end of the rally -
HQ36.jpg - 44 Kb

Can't wait to get on that ferry and have a kip -
Image30.jpg - 32 Kb

Some of Auntie Frans pictures -

frans frankie bike.jpg - 67 Kb frans geezer bird.jpg - 20 Kb frans group2.jpg - 56 Kb frans sion jim.jpg - 24 Kb frans christoper.jpg - 26 Kb

Some pictures courtesy of Ian -

ians campers.jpg - 55 Kb ians frankie jim.jpg - 22 Kb ians frankie sarah.jpg - 31 Kb ians meal.jpg - 89 Kb ians neil sue.jpg - 26 Kb

press.jpg - 194 Kb

More pictures here and a few video clips.

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