La Licorne

6th - 7th May 2000
Saint Lois
(la Licorne à Saint-Lô)

Words : Peter
Pictures: Peter & Siôn

A group of around 20+ of us went to this excellent rally in France again this year. Click here for last year's pictures and a few more words.

Rich sorted out a flag pole for us -
making flag pole.jpg - 25 Kb

camp site.jpg - 26 Kb

I'm getting a collection of these now -
dave mobile.jpg - 22 Kb

We wandered into town on the first night (Friday) -
st lo.jpg - 52 Kb

Our Welsh neighbours (from the Black mountain club?) threw stuff at us and then beat us at a drinking game -
drinking.jpg - 32 Kb

So we kidnapped one of them but nobody seemed to mind, even the victim -
kid napped.jpg - 22 Kb

rich pole.jpg - 31 Kb

jackie.jpg - 20 Kb

Had a nice relaxing rest on the way -
bench.jpg - 36 Kb
There's at least two people (Jo & Sarah) who you can't see there.

We were a bit knackered by the time we walked there so we sat in a bar to recover.
rich jo.jpg - 13 Kb

We met some people and showed each other our tattoos. It was dead handy that I had taken the precaution of sticking one on that day so that I fitted in as a hard biker -
tattoo.jpg - 8 Kb

Someone we met there did a burn out for us -
burn out.jpg - 18 Kb

dave pissing.jpg - 30 Kb

On the way back-
zebra.jpg - 20 Kb

On Saturday we went to the beach.
ted.jpg - 11 Kb

Jackie had a red bum from being whipped with sea weed - whatever turns her on I say.
red bum.jpg - 12 Kb

A lot of this went on -
rob on bike.jpg - 37 Kb

dog on bike.jpg - 32 Kb

Abba fans all over the place -
neil fran.jpg - 18 Kb

rat1.jpg - 43 Kb

rat2.jpg - 44 Kb

This is where we spent Saturday night. The rain spoiled it all a bit this year so there was not so many bikes around -
fanny bar.jpg - 36 Kb

Neil gave a few people a ride around -
trike ride.jpg - 34 Kb

We were given a trophy on Sunday but we don't know what for -
trophy.jpg - 21 Kb

group.jpg - 71 Kb

Some pictures from Fran -

hit by something.jpg - 30 Kb

bra.jpg - 24 Kb

Just for you Fran-
neil.jpg - 37 Kb

Press cutting - pictures & write-up (in French)
Some more pics -

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