Richards Fancy Dress Party

November 1998

Richard decided to hold a fancy dress party for his birthday but it ended up being a bit late for reasons that I can't remember. It was pretty near haloween so a few people used that as the theme but you could turn up as anything. Anyone not in fancy dress was not allowed in!

carl.jpg - 39 Kb gina.jpg - 67 Kb group.jpg - 57 Kb mat.jpg - 27 Kb mich jo.jpg - 55 Kb rich.jpg - 52 Kb sarah.jpg - 36 Kb sion.jpg - 55 Kb stu.jpg - 20 Kb stu peter.jpg - 80 Kb vicky.jpg - 49 Kb wayne.jpg - 33 Kb

They dug out their fancy dress for the Ghosts rally too -
rally.jpg - 56 Kb

Click on any of the photo's above for a bigger version.

Have a look at next year's do here.

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