Lion Rally

13th June - 15th June 2003
Reading MAG

Beatifuly hot weather and another great rally from Reading MAG.

You'll have to scroll along to see these in full -
site pana.jpg - 69 Kb
pana campsite.jpg - 109 Kb

Gadget bought a "bargin" of a waterproof which Dave kindly modeled. Turned out it was really some sort of life saver thing.

dave waterproof.jpg - 24 Kb

There was a blessing for two people who had first met at the Lion Rally last year -
blessing trike.jpg - 48 Kb blessing.jpg - 17 Kb blessing2.jpg - 33 Kb blessing trike after.jpg - 39 Kb

Saw Concord which we won't get much chance to see again. Shame it had almost gone away by the time I'd got the camera out.
concord.jpg - 2 Kb

Don't mess with this trike!
machine gun trike.jpg - 56 Kb
Not many people photos this year as Tony wasn't here but here's some odd ones I did -
sunset.jpg - 24 Kb nightshot1.jpg - 20 Kb nightshot2.jpg - 20 Kb stall at night.jpg - 23 Kb

And here's a great game! Try to identify these WADMAG bikes by the headlight and indicators. Hold the mouse over the picture for the answer.
tdm850.jpg - 44 Kb v50.jpg - 39 Kb zx9.jpg - 34 Kb bandit1200.jpg - 48 Kb cg125.jpg - 41 Kb honda x11.jpg - 38 Kb re5.jpg - 47 Kb

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