No Fare for Faro

17th July 1999
Englands Rose, Postcombe.

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This was a really friendly little rally held in a pub that we have been to visit a few times. There was a few different types of beer available but as they were all stacked up in un-marked barrels in the marquee where it was too loud to talk to the bar tender, it was a bit hard to tell what I was drinking! Sill, it tasted good!

Food was available and the music was a really good mix of punk and 80's/90's covers. I think the band was called 'Orange' or something?

The landlord of the pub (Peter?) told us that he wasn't expecting so many people to camp so he was glad that the big bonfire in the camping area was not lit because it could have taken a few tents with it!

tony.jpg - 24 Kb I didn't take many pictures at this one - always seem to get Tony in there somehow though.

It was one of those rallies where you knew most of the faces because it was local and you just sat around chatting to friends drinking good beer and listening to the music. Hope it's on again next year!

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