No Room at the Inn 1999

10th - 12th September 1999
West Oxon MAG

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Most of us arrived on the Friday night for two evenings camping at the Englands Rose in Postcombe for the 8th No Room at the Inn Rally. Quite a few of us came this year because we'd enjoyed the last rally in 1997 and also the No Fare for Faro rally at the same location this year. Thirteen of us were signed in at the control tent which made us the largest group at the event of around 150+ people.

phones.jpg - 53 Kb Dave and Neil sending text messages to each other on their phones!

The Friday night band, Roadkill, was a rare example of a bike rally band actually knowing about music post 1970 which provided a neglected age group (under 40!) with some good tunes. There was a "Green Day" and "Elastica" cover amongst others. I think Saturdays 'Prostitute' were more traditional - I can't remember. I know they were on very late because they forgot some of their kit!

On Saturday you could do the Treasure hunt and look around at the bikes and even vote for them. Everyone was allowed to vote and anyone who parked in the camping fields was automatically entered into the show. This makes life very easy for the show organisers! I learnt quite a bit about how to run a show with only a few people from this event.

We headed off home after another English breakfast cooked by Jackie of The England's Rose. I'm sure we'll all be back again next year for the next No Room at the Inn.

best in show.jpg - 38 Kb This won about three prizes - Landladys choice, best in show and best paintwork ?

sfighter.jpg - 57 Kb This one won a prize - can't remember which one.

trike.jpg - 43 Kb Our friend Dave won best trike in show with this trike. He didn't build it but he's almost re-built it.

flag.jpg - 46 Kb Our camp.

photo1.jpg - 85 Kb photo2.jpg - 61 Kb Some pictures of our lot taken from the England's Rose site.

sarah.jpg - 36 Kb I was trying to get a picture for Sarahs rep card - she keeps forgetting to get a passport photo done.

tom.jpg - 64 Kb Tom with a sore head.

cutters bike.jpg - 51 Kb Grasscutters nice old Harley which he restored himself.

Have a look at some pictures on the England's Rose site.

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