No Room at the Inn Rally 97

This is a really good rally. It's based around a pub with a big field at the back. I can't remember much about it now (a year later) but I know we had a good turn out - about 30 of us. We passed the evenings away by throwing apples at Grass-cutter as he climbed the apple tree and tried to shake the apples down onto us. During the day some of us played a version of football where the goals were peoples tent entrances.

One event that will haunt me for the rest of my days is when one of our group dared another one to put one of those pineapple things you find in gents urinals in his mouth. A few minutes later the individual came out of the gents with a chunk lodged in-between his teeth! He later claimed to have washed it but still - rather him than me.

We would have gone in 98 but they had some problems with the venue.

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On the Saturday we went to look at the big white horse on the mountain side (not in the picture) and played rounders.

adam.jpg - 17317 Bytes A strange American lady wanted to video Adam's tattoos.

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