Welsh International Camp (MZ Rally to you and me) 2005

20th - 22nd May 2005

About 30 bikers (I guess) made their way to Builth Wells for the MZ rally. It was held in a nice campsite within easy walking distance of Builth center. The pubs didn't seem too worried about closing times and the beer was good.

river builth wells.jpg - 21 Kb

On the Saturday there was a ride out or a trip to the cycle museum. Here's some of us waiting for the bus -

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We stopped off at a local park after the museum. I was concerned as the signs said that only children are allowed to use the facilities yet several of them appeared to be smoking! Terrible. That's Wales for you.

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Here's a video clip of one little scamp - click here (841 Kb)

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painted building.jpg - 26 Kb

rich new bike.jpg - 43 Kb

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