Various pictures from 1996

group.jpg - 112 Kb A few of us in Burnham beaches.

nik rich me.jpg - 48 Kb On the way to a MAG bike show in Beverley.

soin me.jpg - 70 Kb At the bike show in Beverley.

bev96a.jpg - 23 Kb Beverley again.

bev96b.jpg - 24 Kb The next day.

germ9602.jpg - 15 Kb A rare sunny moment on our German holiday.

germ9603.jpg - 14 KbNurburg ring in Germany.

mand.jpg - 56 Kb Mandie has spotted a bit of mud on the bike after a trip to Glastonbury festival.

mag96.jpg - 13 Kb Kevin and Jenny at the Magna Carta bike show.

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