Various pictures from 2003

East Leeds Lions MCC. Easter Rally - 18th - 20th April

Tony and Ian went with Take a Chance RC to a rally in Leeds. Here are the pictures and a video of Dave having a good sing song.

ell mcc.jpg - 64 Kb ell mcc2.jpg - 59 Kb ell mcc3.jpg - 25 Kb

Click here for video clip

Thames Valley Fred Hill run - 8th February

We met up at The Rising Sun for a cup of coffee at 10.30. Wycombe MAG turned up in the form of Robin. So about 10 of us set off to meet at Chievley services for a bit before 12. Rob, Tony and I had our first go at being marshals which was fun although a bit scarey when a car who got bored of waiting decided to drive at me!

Some pictures at Chievley -
abike.jpg - 52 Kb chievley.jpg - 35 Kb coldpeople.jpg - 37 Kb nikky rob.jpg - 29 Kb rich.jpg - 21 Kb
Some of the bikes parked up at the Peartree services on the way in to Oxford -
bikes.jpg - 49 Kb
Here's Mutchie giving his speech with a close up of one of his listners -
mutchie.jpg - 44 Kb listner.jpg - 16 Kb
Small section of the crowd and a marshal -
listners.jpg - 38 Kb amarshall.jpg - 39 Kb

Although there was a party at the Plough in Arncott afterwards, a few of us went to the Rising Sun for a drink. Tony and Sarah organised a raffle the profits of which will go towards funding WADMAG events.

Click here for some video clips

The Farmyard party 20th - 22nd June

Tony organised this trip to the Farmyard party but he couldn't make it himself in the end due to a problem with his bike. Fran couldn't make it either so it was just Ian and I who headed up there but we met up with Rich who had set off a day earlier. He'd met up with Fergus and his chums.

The Farymyard party is a very large to in on the Yorkshire moors near Helmsley. About 8000 people go. There is an outside stage, a comedy tent (by BSH), a blues tent and a dance tent. The whole thing is situatuated in a valley with trees around it and camp fires are permitted so you can see little columns of smoke in the evening until it gets too dark.

fyp view1.jpg - 21 Kb fyp diesel bike.jpg - 45 Kb fyp rat bike.jpg - 54 Kb fyp stunts.jpg - 23 Kb fyp man on bike1.jpg - 29 Kb fyp man on bike2.jpg - 48 Kb fyp scooter.jpg - 52 Kb fyp wet morning.jpg - 35 Kb
Some panoramics - you'll have to use the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen if you click on these to see the whole picture -
fyp pana campsite.jpg - 211 Kb fyp pana stalls.jpg - 176 Kb

Pegassus Rally25th - 27th June

Not many pictures, in fact, just the one! This is an unusual picture of Rich as he has finally blown up his Moto Guzi V50 after eleven years and had to borrow something else.

rich scooter.jpg - 48 Kb

West Oxon MAG end of Season show - 21st September

Really busy one day show -
oxon view.jpg - 53 Kb oxon garden.jpg - 35 Kb oxon old bike.jpg - 51 Kb oxon painted tank.jpg - 28 Kb

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