Various pictures from 2002

WADMAG firework night - 2nd November

Firework shows were canceled all over the country due to rain but the WADMAG firework night went ahead as planned. Sarah put a lot of effort into making loads of food for everyone, Danny and Tony did the display.
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Some pictures from Tony from later on in the evening -
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It's the Guv'nors again Party! - 28th September

Usual Wycombe MAG party at The Gate pub in The Lee. It was also Jackies 40th birthday so she had a nice cake and everyone in the pub sang happy birthday.
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One thing is guaranteed at a MAG raffle - great prizes. Here you can see Jackie looking at her "Candle lit dinner for two", Take a Chance with their bottle of scotch (the odd one out being worth more than 50p), Jo winning a can of John Smiths (really bubble bath) and, finally, Tony with his sheep.
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Tony and his sheep are very happy together although I think it' a bit of a tart -
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More pictures -
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Black Horse - 13th August

An evening classic bike show at The Black Horse in Dedworth -
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Insanity Rally - 26th - 28th June

There must have been about seven stalls, proper outdoor stage, mud wrestling tent (!), beer tent, some other tent and the rugby club itself. Loads of interesting looking trophies - not all of them for bikes.

Some pictures of the band, Men in Frocks -
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There was mud wrestling and silly games too.

Perverts in Leather Rally - 7th - 9th June

We sent off a batch of three perverts (Tony, Jim and Sharron) to the Perverts in leather rally this year. Looks like there wasn't really that much leather there! They have a site - with plenty of pictures on it.

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West London Harley Riders Party - 20th April

A few of us went to a party put on by our chums at the West London Harley Riders in West Drayton. Good band too!
Some pictures from Tony -
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Wycombe MAG's Scared of Heights Party - 23rd March

Another great party at The Gate pub in The Lee. It didn't even rain this time which must have been nice for the people who were camping. They didn't make us play silly games - I'm sure it's something to do with what Rob and Andy did there once when they got a bit carried away with the baloon blowing up game (cunningly placed between the legs). Anyway, that was a bonus as we didn't have to make fools of ourselves in public. The only thing we had to do was the quiz and I think Sion and I got away with it by putting false names down - so embarassing being last all the time.

Tony and I had our new digital cameras with us so we pissed off more than the usual number of people as you can see from the pictures below. Mainly of Rich and Vicky it seems - obviously just in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can see Paul Minton (Wycome MAG rep) marking the quiz - I was mistaken for him twice! I've made Sarah's picture quite big as I know how much she is looking forward to her first photo on here (I'm sure that's what she said).
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Some good pictures from Tony -
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And a few from Sion too -
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Thames Valley Fred Hill Run - 9th February

First we met at the Maypole car park in Windsor, then we stopped near Newbury at a service station to meet the main group and a final stop and meeting place just outside Oxford. You might have to use the scroll bar of your browser for this wide picture -
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Here we are in Oxford -
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Here's Muchie doing his speech bit -
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