Various pictures from 2001

2nd - 4th November. Reading MAG's Gravel Rash Bash.
I small invite only party held by Reading MAG. Very very very very cold on Friday night, we thawed out, got drunk and er... well, seems like most of us fell asleep judging by these photos from Saturday night.
grb dog.jpg - 39 Kb grb debbie.jpg - 31 Kb grb michelle.jpg - 30 Kb grb pete.jpg - 25 Kb grb sarah.jpg - 18 Kb
Yes, Sarah can be tidy. Never before seen picture -
grb sarah tidy.jpg - 31 Kb

29th September
From Wycombe MAG "End of Season party" at The Gate in The Lee. This is where most of us discovered "Sidekicks" which are shorts that stick to the side of your glass. You can make nice towers out of them too. Jackie won a strange thing which you can see Rich demonstrating.
trk cheers.jpg - 73 Kb trk rich.jpg - 81 Kb trk tony1.jpg - 13 Kb trk tony2.jpg - 18 Kb trk tower1.jpg - 21 Kb trk tower2.jpg - 26 Kb

Some pictures from Jo including another picture of Sarah sticking something in her mouth. I decided not to show the one where she's putting Jackies prize in there so think yourself lucky.
trk jos jeff lyn.jpg - 18 Kb trk jos jo tedd.jpg - 17 Kb trk jos tower in mouth.jpg - 27 Kb

A small vintage show. That's all I know about it other than it was at The Black Horse in Windsor on the 14th of August. Sorry for the lack of vintage bikes in the picture! They were at the other end.
black horse.jpg - 50 Kb

Some pictures by Sion of a small bike show in the cricket ground opposite the Red Lion in Wexham ran by a Farnham Royal bike club.

DCP00481.jpg - 66 Kb DCP00483.jpg - 68 Kb DCP00496.jpg - 70 Kb DCP00499.jpg - 38 Kb

WADMAG Poker run.
This year organised by Chief and Malcolm, there was a little bit of rain but it wasn't too bad and we had a lovely ride around a route of around 120 miles (or about 80 if you just went the quick way rather than the offical route). Some excellent prizes this year, buffet food and a band at The Flags in the evening.

theflags start.jpg - 54 Kb A few of us met at The Flags for the ride to The Boot in Bracknell where the offical start was. (You might have to use the horizontal scroll bar on your browser to see all of this one.)

Click here for a 360 Panoramic shot.

bikes back.jpg - 22 Kb A few bikes around the back at the finish.

theflags end.jpg - 70 Kb And a few more round the front.

A few pictures from Reading MAG's May Day Mayhem on the 27th of May.

maydaymayhem.jpg - 30 Kb Look at Sion being all clever and getting in there twice!

rat trike.jpg - 22 Kb That's a plastic machine gun - don't panic.

v8 trike.jpg - 19 Kb This trike gets around a bit.

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