Various pictures from 2000

Click on any of the following photo's for a bigger version.

wyc xmas.jpg - 31 Kb About the only silly game I didn't get roped into at the 2000 Wycombe Xmas do!

sox1.jpg - 21 Kb Funny railway bridge thing at the South Oxon MAG rally.

sox2.jpg - 23 Kb Campsite at the SOX MAG rally.

sox3.jpg - 16 Kb Shamus O'blivion at the SOX MAG rally - very entertaining band.

games.jpg - 22 Kb Some silly games at The "Don't close the Gate" bash organized by Wycombe MAG.

sarah.jpg - 16 Kb Sarah at the same do showing us her bum for some reason.

poker run1.jpg - 19 Kb Some of the competitors returning from the Poker Run.

poker run2.jpg - 80 Kb Poker run again.

poker run3.jpg - 16 Kb A nice picture of Jackie (for once), at the Poker run where she did a grand job.

mediaeval2.jpg - 62 Kb Pictures from a mediaeval party at The Yew Tree Pub. The money raised went to charity.

mediaeval1.jpg - 69 Kb

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