Henley MCC Bees Knees Rally

The journey

Six representatives of the Windsor MAG headed off for Henley on the Friday evening at speeds of up to 40mph. The pace was set by Jo’s heavily modified Honda Fireblade - so heavily modified that it looks and performs exactly like a Honda H100. Only the stickers on the side give away the true identity to the experienced observer.

The arrival

Upon arrival we were all given a bag of sweets and a nice metal badge! Met up with the rest of Windsor MAG - Chris.

Friday night

The bands were good but the bar shut at 11pm.


We decided to win the Treasure hunt in the name of the Windsor MAG. Carl and Richard won by employing the following techniques -

    1. Richard used his usual lunatic riding style.
    2. Carl learnt how to write answers down at 70mph.
    3. Richard cunningly spent the last 15 years studying all the pubs in the surrounding area. This has nothing to do with his liking for large amounts of alcohol. The treasure hunt was heavily based around the pubs so Richard could answer some questions before he got there.

Silly games

Chris almost won us the swing arm throwing - 2nd place.

Stuart must have won the award for most blood lost during the wheel barrow jousting. If only he’d worn a full face crash hat - they should be made compulsory.

Peter provided the most amusement for the dizzy sticks. Several people injured themselves laughing at this pathetic attempt.

stu.jpg - 25 Kb Stu was a lot better at it.

The evening

Ruined by some chaps parading as a band but in fact were only interested in employing their instruments as aural torture devices. They are playing Reading bike show next year. Think we’ll give it a miss.

Good points

Free sweets and a badge.

Some bloke with a ‘really nice arse and gorgeous hair’ for Jo to watch all evening.

Cheap booze and good cheap food.

Bad points

Proper toilets - where were the porta-loos ?

Soft toilet paper provided - this really isn’t on for a bike show.

Last ‘band’ on Saturday.


Did you pull or what Chris?

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