Ghosts Rally 1998

Organised by "Ghosts MCC" - based near Bicester (Oxfordshire).
The name of the rally - "Where you soaked to the bone 2".

Last minute arrangements had to be made to find a replacement for the Magna Carta which was cancelled by the Police this year. (Click here for more information on this). Our MAG rep. (Steve) sorted us out with the Ghosts Rally which turned out to be really good.

Instead of all traveling in a huge group, we all set off in smaller groups so everyone could please them selves as to departure times and cruising speeds. I set off with two other bikes one of which is pictured here. We had a slight incident on the way there. About half a mile from the site we turned right into a small side road to check for directions. Niel was at the back, as he stopped in the road to let the leading bikes pull in, he was hit from behind by someone in a car. Although the bike was a write-off, Niel got away with some sort of fracture which involved having his arm in a sling and a few broken ribs. Amazingly he turned up to the rally after spending a few hours in hospital. The Ghosts were very helpful to us and thanks also goes to a guy who came and helped direct traffic around the incident.

Once this was all over we had a really good time. The police were called to check up on the event because of the increased number of people attending due to the Magna Carta being canceled but once they saw that it was being organised OK they left the event alone. The increased numbers did put a bit of a strain on the toilet facilities though!

This page contains just a few personal things but click here for some more general info about the rally.

On the way to the rally. way2ghosts.jpg - 42 Kb

jo niel.jpg - 33 Kb This is Niel after the accident playing in the hay which provided us with simple entertainment for most of the rally! We don't normally decorate bikes with comedy breasts but someone got hold of a pair for Adams stag night which he celebrated at the rally.

ste hay.jpg - 49 Kb This is our glorious leader (at the time) - obviously tired out after discussing politics all night.