Coast Riders Rally (Belgium)

6th - 7th September 2002
Coast Riders MC

Words : Peter
Pictures: Peter & Tony

campsite.jpg - 41 Kb our bikes.jpg - 36 Kb

We arrived in good time on the Friday and went drinking in the nearby town of Lichtervelde which was really nice. All the gardens were perfect, there was no litter and people didn't bother locking up their bicycles. We had quite a few beers and returned to the rally site for some more. Tony kept dragging people into the Schnaps tent which could explain why some of us were very ill the next day.

In Lichtervelde -
fran being strange.jpg - 55 Kb the spliff.jpg - 22 Kb

Kate was left recovering and Margaret stayed to look after her while the survivors (only just) went to Brugge which is only about 20 miles away.

No idea what that statue at the end is about!
brugge.jpg - 47 Kb brugge canal.jpg - 38 Kb some culture.jpg - 42 Kb brugge statue.jpg - 34 Kb
Some of the bikes from the small but interesting bike show -
collage4.jpg - 59 Kb cute trike.jpg - 68 Kb front exhaust.jpg - 48 Kb

Some strange bloke came and crashed out on our table -
rasputin1.jpg - 25 Kb rasputin2.jpg - 32 Kb rasputin3.jpg - 24 Kb rasputin4.jpg - 25 Kb

Sion joined in with the local nutter -
air guitars.jpg - 26 Kb

band.jpg - 23 Kb

We were the ones not wearing a black waist coat -
us2.jpg - 27 Kb margaret hiding.jpg - 26 Kb

They didn't have much luck lighting this due to the rain -
tree stump.jpg - 14 Kb

Amazing how many pictures you can take when you don't have to pay for the film -
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Not many of us stayed up late enough for this bit -
collage5.jpg - 48 Kb

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