The Bees Knees Rally

5th - 7th November 1999
Henley MCC

Friday afternoon and it was pouring down. A little later,my other half rings me up at work and asks if I'm still going. It'd cleared up by then so I said 'Of course I am!'. She was still asking me if I was sure as I set off to Sion's house because it was rather chilly. Found Sion getting asked the same questions by his other half as we set off to Henley.

Richard and Neil had been there a while. Dave was setting up his tent under the light of Richards old BSA so I used the light to put my tent up - forgetting that sleeping near Dave means you get no sleep because of the snoring!

Helped a lady from the Three B's with her tent - she didn't seem to give us much choice in the matter! Then we stood in the bar until the bonfire was lit. We headed straight for it and stayed there for the rest of the evening. I think there was a band playing in a tent that I never got round to straying into.

Headed back to the tent at 2am and was surprised at how quite and civilized the camp site was. The only noise was from the generator of one of the food stalls and that was soon turned off. Only the freezing cold ground stopped me having a good sleep.

Richard went to get his kids while the rest of us tried out the breakfast at Tesco's and then Sion and I headed back home leaving the others to enjoy the rest of the rally. The chap in a nearby tent asked if Dave was going but we had to disappoint him so he'd have another night of snoring to go through yet!

Saw Various Insane MCC people, Pete (Wycombe MAG), Zoo (Grandfathers/Reading MAG), Linda (Thames Valley treasurer), Mel (Oxon MAG) and Ricky (West Oxon MAG). Seems like a few of us finish off the year's rally season there and a few carry it on all year round if talking to Zoo is anything to go by!

Another cold and wet Bees Knees marks the end of the year's rallying for me. And yes Nicola, I will be going next year! (they just don't understand do they?)

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