Bees Knees Rally 97

It's December 98 now so I don't remember much about this one! It's organised by Henley MCC and is a nice friendly rally. You get sweets and a badge included in the entry fee. It's held on a campsite so there are proper toilets.

This is the first time Wadmag turned up in any great numbers. There was so many of us that we almost won a prize. We would have been equal first if two members had put where they came from on the sign-in book. Unfortunately it poured down all the time and there was no treasure hunt this year because some people took it too seriously last year - turned out they meant us!

If you've never been to Henley before then take time to wander around the town if you come to this show, it's a nice place.

Richard made a nice hat from a bin liner.
rich hat.jpg - 23 Kb

This is what Grasccutter was doing when I first met him at the Reading Lion Rally in 1996.
grasscutter.jpg - 19 Kb

You'll have to ask Tony Jo or Skippy what was going on here. I think it was something to do with a broken air bed.
airbed.jpg - 21 Kb

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