Bike Power 2000 demo

22nd July
Trafalgar square London

Words : Peter
Pictures: Peter & Sarah

This was a large demo organized by MAG but supported by many non-MAG bikers. It was to demonstrate against the plans for congestion charging and parking charges for motorcycles. Unfortunately the attendees had to listen to some rather long speeches about MAG and MAG's objectives which left people wondering what the demo was actually about - shame.

This is where it all started, at the Yew Tree in Slough. The local press came and took pictures of us. This was where Thames Valley MAG met. We joined up with West Midlands MAG on J2 of the M40. There must have been at least 200 bikes on the motorway. I couldn't actually see the front of the queue!
yew tree.jpg - 39 Kb

We met up with various other people at the Ace Cafe in London.
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Then we set off to Trafalgar square. Marshalls stopped traffic at the lights that didn't have red light cameras to try and keep the group together.
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The queue to get parked. We were directed by the Police and marshalls, very well organized.
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This chap, Neil Liversidge (chairman of MAG), made a very emotive speech which upset a few sensitive people due to the bad language. To be fair, it was pretty shocking for a public speech but it seemed to keep the crowd happy, most of the time.
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Ian Mutch (MAG Press officer) made another long speech which people say was more reasonable but I found that it went on a bit too long. The rest of Windsor MAG went to the pub half way through this. MAG's president and founder made yet another speech about MAG and motorcycle politics afterwards.
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Some people rode around the square afterwards to get their pics in the press.
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