MAG AGC 2002

13th April 2002
Weston Super Mare

Possibly tempted by the party, a group of us headed off to the AGC making it the first time ( I think ) that we've had more than one WADMAG member at the AGC. It was a very well attended one (about 250 people) due to there being a challenger to the controversial chairman. Can I just say that I navigated us there, I'd never been to Weston Super Mare before and I didn't get us lost and we got straight there! I often go the wrong way just getting into Slough so that's quite an achievement.

Nice food when we got there followed by about five hours of the AGC itself. This is either incredibly "boring" or "not bad" depending on how you cope with that kind of thing.

After setting up our tents back at the campsite, we got the bus back into town and went to the party. There was a support band and a comedian followed by the excellent Shamus O'Blivion & the Megadeth Morrismen who we saw at the SOX MAG rally in 2000.

Headed back to the campsite when it was over in a double decker bus layed on by the organisers (Western Region MAG). Some of us had our first "wedgie" since we were kids courtesy of those nutters in Bristol MAG.

Next day we had a great meal at Sarah's parents house where we were shown lots of nice pictures of Sarah as a child. Couldn't help taking a few pictures of the pictures which I can always blackmail Sarah with in the future!

baloon blowing.jpg - 33 Kb baloon sucking.jpg - 61 Kb baloon tree.jpg - 24 Kb baloon waving.jpg - 28 Kb dancers.jpg - 30 Kb hand shake.jpg - 49 Kb moris dancing.jpg - 29 Kb organisers.jpg - 79 Kb praying.jpg - 22 Kb shamus.jpg - 60 Kb stick fight.jpg - 41 Kb who knows.jpg - 45 Kb ted bike.jpg - 24 Kb

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